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If you have never seen vermiculite insulating an attic, you may have seen it in potting soil. Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral worldwide. When heated rapidly to high temperatures, this crystalline mineral expands into low density, accordion-like, golden brown strands. In fact, its worm-like shape is what gives vermiculite its name. The worms are broken into rectangular chunks about the size of the eraser on the end of a pencil. In addition to being light, vermiculite chunks are also absorbent and fire retardant. These characteristics make it great as an additive, for example to potting soil. It also makes a good insulating material.

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Fun Fitness - World Chase Tag - Parkour - Self defence - Toowoomba


Sharpe Dojo, formally known as Sharpe Kids Karate was founded in 2014. We are a friendly, family run dojo and between us we have over 75 years experience in Martial Arts. We are passionate about training and empowering our students through the study of Martial Arts, helping them to gain fitness, awareness, self confidence, respect for themselves and others, focus and a positive mental attitude.

Toowoomba’s Premier, Karate Dojo


Due to your child/children’s age specific developmental requirements we have individual classes. For 5-6 years we have our Kenji Kids classes and for 7-12 years we have our Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced classes.


Although karate is a fighting art we are a Martial Arts Dojo not a fighting gym. We cater for the needs of every student and we offer a safe and friendly environment to learn, keep fit and make new friends, these classes are for those aged 13+ years.

Contact Information
Unit 12/493 South St ‘Southgate One Complex’ Harristown QLD 4350
Phone: 0407 756 332

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Green Home Builders Palm Coast Fl - Hurricane Proof Homes Florida

Florida Green Construction Inc. is experienced and reputable in green building and sustainable construction. Quality, design, and reasonable prices are the top three priorities of our company. Our goal is to allow customers to own sustainable, energy and water efficient homes, while living in a healthy, indoor environment. In addition, we give our customers the opportunity to build a hurricane, tornado, fire-resistant, and sound-suppressant home.

Our company is the successor of the construction company Florida Green Homes LLC, which is one of the leaders in green building technologies. Since 2008 Florida Green Homes, LLC has participated in the annual Parade of Homes in Flagler County, State of Florida. The company receives major awards for the quality of construction and exclusive design of homes.

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Perelman Family Foundation - the lead gift to establish a new residential college

Ronald O. Perelman and Debra G. Perelman announced that the Perelman Family Foundation is making the lead gift to establish a new residential college at Princeton University. The construction of Perelman College will advance one of Princeton’s highest strategic priorities — the expansion of the undergraduate population by around 10 percent.

For more information visit: https://www.princeton.edu/news/2018/12/05/perelman-family-foundation-makes-lead-gift-new-residential-college

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Jason Kulpa San Diego - Entrepreneurs - Scholarship - Business

Jason Kulpa announces scholarship to help students who are determined to start and grow a small business

Jason Kulpa comes from years of experience working in operations roles throughout the tech industry. Kulpa founded UE.co in 2008 to put his talents and knowledge to use in the best way possible. He has served as the CEO of the company for nine years and has irrefutably demonstrated that a community-minded approach to employee culture can spur the kind of growth and innovation demanded by today's tech industry.

For more information visit: https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/serial-entrepreneur-and-ueco-ceo-jason-kulpa-announces-scholarship-to-help-young-entrepreneurs-2018-07-19

Jason Kulpa San Diego


Jason Kulpa is the driving force behind ue.co. He architects business, technology and product road maps and manages high level strategic partnerships. He brings 15 years of web traffic monetization experience, spanning multiple product and industry channels. UE.co has been highlighted on the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies for four consecutive years.

UE.co connects online consumers shopping for financial services with qualified service providers in real-time.

For more information visit: https://forbescouncils.com/members/agency/profile/Jason-Kulpa-CEO-Founder-UE-co-UE-co/45315543-918e-4070-a59b-be44bfa066bd


Jason Kulpa, CEO of UE.co, announces hurricane Florence relief scholarship winner to help high school seniors who have been impacted in any way by the storm.

The Jason Kulpa Scholarships began as financial tools for young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams at a time when the average college education costs around $50,000. This year alone, Mr. Kulpa has generously founded seven scholarships to support students and help offset the cost of higher education.

For more information visit: http://www.wicz.com/story/39300089/jason-kulpa-san-diego-entrepreneur-announces-hurricane-florence-relief-scholarship-winner


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